Utilize your QuickBooks desktop to print pay stubs while using the plain white paper. A default layout will be applied which will contain the format of fonts and it cannot be changed or played with. The details of your business like company name, address and phone number will also be printed on the blank paper when you print the paystubs. The details will be printed both at the top and the bottom also.

You can choose to send the pay stubs directly from the QuickBooks desktop to your employees via the email. You need to know that the pay stubs will be sent as password-protected PDF attachments and the format and layout of the pay stub is conserved.

You can check out Email Pay Stubs From QuickBooks Desktop for more info.

You can also dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-888-557-6950 if you need any help with your QuickBooks.

You can print the Pay Stubs from within QuickBooks Desktops in two different methods.

Method 1: Print Pay Stubs from QuickBooks Desktop File menu

  1. Go to File > Print Forms > Pay Stubs.
  2. Choose your payroll bank account and type in a date range that contains the pay date of the pay stub you wish to print.
  3. You can also filter by one employee.

Print Pay Stubs From QuickBooks

  1. Choose the drop-down menu next to
  2. Select the employee.
  3. Choose in the column adjacent to the date and choose the pay stub(s) you wish to print.
  4. If you wish to, choosePreview to view the pay stub before you print it.
  5. To choose the company and employee details that shall be printed on the pay stub, choose
  6. If you wish to print a global message on all pay stubs, type in the text in the Company message to be printed on all pay stubs
  7. Choose Print.

Select Print in Select Pay Stubs

Choose Print. If you need more information about the Print Pay stubs tab, choose the Help option.

Method 2: Print a Pay Stub from a paycheck

  1. Choose to open the paycheck in your QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Choose the Print icon and select Pay Stub above the check.

Print a Pay Stub from a paycheck

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Print Pay Stubs

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