QuickBooks is in great demand because of its Accounting and Financial management capabilities that are highly efficient and useful. You can completely get rid of the paper trail and do your business on QuickBooks. In this article, we will be talking about Accounts Payable reports.

Why Does QuickBooks Accounts Payable Report Still Show Paid Bills?

Suppose you enter a bill into QuickBooks and also write a check for that bill and you go to Accounts Payable reports and see that bill there.

What do you do?

Do not worry as you are not the only one who has fallen prey to this issue. It is quite a common thing and it can be caused because of a number of reasons.

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Let us create a hypothetical situation so that you can understand this better. You just received a bill from one of your Vendors and it is not due for a couple of weeks. As usual, you enter this bill in QuickBooks and then forget about it completely. After some weeks has passed the Vendor reminds you of the bill and then you write a check for the vendor and done. Right?

After some time you go and check your A/R, A/P, and P/L and you see the same bill again in A/P. Now, you might be wondering what this bill is doing here when you have already written a check for it.

Well, you did the pay the bill but you wrote a check for it. From QuickBooks perspective, it is still unpaid as it was not paid from Pay Bills in QB.

Now, how do we fix this mess?

You can delete the check and make the payment from Pay Bills in QuickBooks. You will also need to alter the check number so that it matches the check number that was given to the Vendor in the first place.

What If The Checking Account Was Reconciled Before You Got To Know About This?

Do not delete the Checks as that will only complicate the situation even more. Open the Check that was written and choose the account on the lower check details. Now, we want to alter the coding to Accounts Payable. Navigate to the Customer Job Field and look for the Vendor name that was originally written to. Now, save and exit.

Go to Bills and choose the Vendor bill that we have been talking about.  Now Choose Set Credits > Apply the Credits > Done > Save.

That is it, we have now the bill will no longer come up in the unpaid bills.

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Why Does QuickBooks Accounts Payable Report Still Show Paid Bills?

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